Fireboard today visitors


It’s a module, that show all users, that was logged in your forum today (read or post messages, not read articles, forum activity only). Module provide link to user FB-profile. This module do not use database and work very quickly (uses text file).


1)Unzip package !!!
2)Install and publish mambot
3)Install module
4)Set permissions (chmod) “777” to file /modules/mod_fbtoday.txt

Download module “Fireboard today visitors” [3.41KB]

For Joomla 1.5 in legacy mode
Download module “Fireboard today visitors” [3.6KB] (Joomla 1.5)

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  1. Дек 21, 19:06 , kai


    I’ve got one question. It’s unbelieveable but your mod is the only one like this. But could you help me, please. I need this mod also for my complete joomla site and not only for my board. I want to see the results also, when the user is logged in on my startpage. Is this possible….?!

    Greatings Kai

  2. Дек 22, 21:47 , Dead Krolik

    Yes it’s possible, just remove string:

    if ($option!=‘com_fireboard’) return;
    from mambot php-file.

  3. Мар 9, 22:42 , alexS

    узнаю модуль :)))
    кролик, а возможно его теперь переделать, чтоб показывал не с 0 до 24 часов, а за последние 24 часа?

  4. Мар 10, 00:50 , Dead Krolik

    Ну надо взять и переделать. По идее не сложно, но мне не охота :)

  5. Мар 21, 04:36 , alexS

    ну ты уж совсем ленивый стал…. )))

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