CSVOut - component for publication price-lists in CSV format


The input format (on the technical limitations) are csv-files, which are easily available from your price-lists in Excel format (File->Save As). This pack includes a component and content-mambot. Works checked for Joomla 1.0.13.

Features of component:

  1. Price-listy published in the content item by special tag {csvout …}
  2. “Simple mode” – the whole file is inserted into content
  3. “Paged mode” – entire file is divided into pages of specified size (number of lines)
  4. “Limited output” – if you do not want to output large file (if your file really big), it is possible to limit the lines, for example, to 60 rows, and the rest fo file will not be made available in print version
  5. In “Paged mode” mode you can display the number of lines as “cap” of the document (for example, in the first two rows writted column names for all file, and in the “Paged mode” user can forget what column which is, and if you write header=2 – first two rows is visible on all pages)
  6. Print version
  7. Headers highlight (header – it is a line that has only one not empty cell) with background and text color.
  8. Settigs for each file:
    1. Background and text color for headers
    2. The background color for each column
    3. Align for each column (left, center or right)
    4. User CSS-class for table

You can change component language in /components/com_csvout/config.php file (russian or english).

Download package [27.6KB]

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  1. Янв 16, 12:13 , David Lipovsky

    Great work it seems to help me very lot. But could you show me the example of tag {csvout …} for “Paged mode” and “Limited output” ?
    Thank You very much.

    If You would able implement javascript for sorting by click on header the potencial of this tool be endless.

    Once more time, great job.

    David Lipovský

  2. Янв 16, 22:10 , Dead Krolik

    “Limited output”
    {csvout limit=99 print=no nowrap=0,4 …}

    Shows only 99 lines in content item, don’t show print link and make first and fifth columns not wrapped.


    “Paged mode”
    {csvout page=10 first_line_main=yes main_line_align=center header=2}

    Whows all csv-document, 10 lines per page. Headings aligned by center and first line is heading. First two lines will be viewed at all pages – global header.

    P.S. “TODO” – no such todo :) I do not planning improve this component.

  3. Апр 9, 22:48 , noa

    а как реализовать
    {csvout template=file1.ini}
    {csvout template=file2.ini}
    {csvout template=fileN.ini}
    а в итоге на страницу выводится только последняя строка – {csvout template=fileN.ini}

  4. Апр 9, 23:14 , Dead Krolik

    В компоненте заложена возможность вставки нескольких CSV файлов. Только что проверил 6 штук – все вставляется и показывает.

  5. Авг 24, 11:37 , Vassia

    Вот, блин, спасибо. Получил рассылку про нечто подобное в платном варианте от Адептуса и полез искать, зная, что на все его платные примочки есть совершенно свободные аналоги…
    И нашёл, блин.

  6. Ноя 15, 20:03 , Артем

    Здравствуйте! А кто нибудь пробовал на Joomla 1.5?

    А то у меня не хочет работать, в контенте отображает {csvout template=cables.ini} , ничего никуда не преобразовывая :(

  7. Ноя 16, 13:22 , Dead Krolik

    И вам здрасьте. На 1.5 работать не будет, ибо кому она нужна – эта 1.5

  8. Май 28, 17:21 , AlexisQ

    В исходнике bot_csvout.php

    ищем – preg_match_all(”|{csvout (.*)}|”,$row->text,$mt);

    меняем на – preg_match_all(”|{csvout (.*?)}|”,$row->text,$mt);

    ищем – $sz = sizeof($mt0);

    меняем на – $sz = count($mt0);


    Всем удачи :)

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