CSVOut - component for publication price-lists in CSV format

09.12.2007 Комментарии [8]

This component is intended for publication on your Joomla-site price lists in CSV format.


Fireboard today visitors

23.11.2007 Комментарии [5]

It’s a module, that show all users, that was logged in your fireboard forum today.


[script] Joomla system tool (jsys)

29.04.2007 Комментарии [6]

This script has next features:

1) Archiving, dearchiving and adding to the archive any files;
2) Easy minimal filemanager, which solves everyday tasks such as deleting, moving, copying files, a change of permissons to files and directories
3) ...


[bot] AsWiki link replacer

20.04.2007 Комментарии

This mambot allow you replace wiki-link construction [[Article title]] to real article link.


[mod] Content item ad (artad)

10.04.2007 Комментарии

This module allow you show for specified content id some text (for example ads or other words) at specified module position (not in mosMainBody).


[mod] SMS-kopilka extension (SMS копилка для Joomla)

10.04.2007 Комментарии

This simple module show an sms-копилка image and comments for your account ID.



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